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March 27, 2015
by Miss Curtain
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Earth Hour



Tomorrow – 28th March –from 8.30pm to 9.30pm is Earth Hour!

Our school held our own Earth Hour between 11.30am and 12.30pm today so that we could recognise and participate in this fantastic event. Earth Hour is designed to raise awareness about caring for our environment and the positive difference we can make by using less power.

During Earth Hour we switched off lights and electronic devices and utilised our natural resources.

Earth Hour is a brilliant Australian initiative that now has the support of people all over the world.

The Earth Hour website has lots of information about how you can get involved in Earth Hour.


There is also an information clip that you might like to watch about the damage global warming has on The Great Barrier Reef.


 What positive things do you and your family do for the environment?

What did you learn from the Earth Hour website and Great Barrier Reef information clip?

What other initiatives could our school take up to help the environment?

March 24, 2015
by Miss Curtain




Today was our last music session with Mrs Robertson until Term 3.

Next term we have drumming with Mr Robertson.

We have really enjoyed singing with Mrs Robertson and had fun learning lots of new songs, such as In Anay, Apples And Bananas, Junk Food, Count On Me, On Top Of Spaghetti and Shark Attack. We also got to use boom whackers and learn about music theory.

 What did you enjoy most about Music this term?

What did you learn during Music sessions this term?

Do you learn an instrument?

Who is your favourite musician?

Mrs Robertson is a very talented singer and you can listen to some of her songs on her website.


March 23, 2015
by Miss Curtain

Quiz Time!



This term in Maths we have completed a lot of work on place value and as part of this unit some students have created ‘big number’ quizzes. The aim of this task was for the student creating the quiz to research questions that had an answer containing more than 6 digits.  Students then had to estimate answers to each question.

Georgia’s Maths Quiz

1. What was the population of Australia in 2014?

Range: 20,000’000-25,000,000
2. How many square kilometres is Victoria?
Range: 225,000-230,000
3. How many cm tall is the Eiffel Tower?
Range: 30,000-35,000
4. How many square kilometres is the Indian Ocean
Range: 70,000,000-75,000,000
5. How many seconds is there in January?
Range: 900,000-3,000,000
6. What was the population of France in 2014?
Range: 63,000,000-66,000,000
7. What was the population of America in 2014?
Range: 29,000,000-34,000,000
8. How many cm is the Empire State Building
Range: 30,000-32,000
9. How many square kilometres is Europe?
Range: 7,000,000-12,000,000
10. How many minutes has the oldest person in the world been alive for?
Range: 63,000,000-67,000,000

March 17, 2015
by Miss Curtain

Mad For Mathletics


It is great to see so many students using Mathletics to revise the concepts that we are covering in the classroom. I have just set new tasks for everyone and it would be great if these could be finished by the end of the week.

It is incredibly beneficial to go on Mathletics at home at least twice a week and we encourage all students to do this. I think if our grade worked really hard we could get into the Mathletics Hall Of Fame!

Did you know that more than 3.5 million students worldwide use Mathletics?

Did you know that Mathletics contains more than 1000 lessons?

Did you know that Mathletics has step by step animations to help you learn about new concepts?

Did you know that more than TWELVE BILLION questions have been answered correctly on Live Mathletics?


 How often are you using Mathletics?

What do you enjoy most about Mathletics?

What lessons have you achieved success with on Mathletics?

Have you used any of the step-by-step animations?


March 12, 2015
by Miss Curtain

Thursday is Library Day!



Today we had another great session in the library and it was fantastic to see so many students borrowing a variety of books. We are very lucky to have such a knowledgeable librarian and a brilliant collection of books in our school library. It is important that we remember to read every day and practise our reading strategies.

Miss Browne’s book of the day was Goldilocks And The Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems. It was a twist on a classic fairytale and features the characters Papa Dinosaur, Mama Dinosaur and ‘some other dinosaur who happens to be visiting from Norway’. It was a very humorous story and we are looking forward to reading some more of Mo Willems’ work.

During library sessions I have noticed that the Andy Griffiths books are in high demand – he is also one of my favourites and his stories always make me laugh. When I saw him on Behind The News I knew that lots of students would be very interested to hear him talk about his stories.

The link is below:


Some other Andy Griffiths links that you might enjoy checking out:

March 5, 2015
by Miss Curtain

Cyber Safety Presentation

Yesterday Leading Senior Constable Robbie Noggler came to speak to us about Cyber Safety.

In his presentation he spoke about:

* Social media risks

* Cyber bullying

* Staying safe online

* Netiquette

* Our digital footprint

It was a great reminder for us about how important Cyber Safety is and is a big focus for our area with the introduction of 1:1 ipads.

Robbie’s strongest message was that we must let someone know if we are being bullied. He also gave us lots of strategies to prevent problems occurring and what we should do if something does occur.

What did you learn from Robbie’s presentation?

March 3, 2015
by Miss Curtain

Take 3 For The Sea

On Friday Tim Silverwood, a co-founder of Take 3 For the Sea visited our school. He spoke to us about plastic pollution in the ocean and what we can do to help. We saw photos of how rubbish has damaged our oceans and waterways and watched a clip called The Majestic Plastic Bag – A Mockumentary (see below). Tim also told us all about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

You can learn all about this at the Take 3 website: http://www.take3.org.au/


What can you do to help solve this problem?

What important messages are contained on the website and in the video clips?

How does this situation make you feel?

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