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Today was our last music session with Mrs Robertson until Term 3.

Next term we have drumming with Mr Robertson.

We have really enjoyed singing with Mrs Robertson and had fun learning lots of new songs, such as In Anay, Apples And Bananas, Junk Food, Count On Me, On Top Of Spaghetti and Shark Attack. We also got to use boom whackers and learn about music theory.

 What did you enjoy most about Music this term?

What did you learn during Music sessions this term?

Do you learn an instrument?

Who is your favourite musician?

Mrs Robertson is a very talented singer and you can listen to some of her songs on her website.



  1. Dear Miss Curtain ,
    I really enjoy this term with mrs Robo, I like doing all the songs like: boom chicka boom, junk food song, on top of spaghetti, I liked doing count on me on the last day, just to name a few.
    I’m looking forward to the drums with mr Robo after the school holidays!
    I liked doing the boom wackers with mrs Robo.
    Can’t wait until we get to use the drums after the school holiday!
    From Neisha

  2. Dear miss curtain,
    This year my favourite thing that I have enjoyed this term is when Mrs Robbo made up the junk food song and when we got the boom wackas out I have loved this terms music
    From Harvey.

  3. Dear Miss Curtain
    I like doing junk food song. In music i leant that music is fun. Miss Robo plays a lot of things and she is a good singer.
    My favorite musician is Mrs Robo, she is a great singer and she has a good voice. Mr Roo is fun too and I’m looking forward to doing drums with him.

  4. Hi everybody
    My favourite part of music is definitely when we get to get and dance around.
    My favourite song that we sing is boom chicka boom, inanay and on top of spaghetti.
    I learn guitar with jet, I recommend it to patioent people because you have to learn a lot of chords and scales.
    I like a lot of musicians and I don’t have a favourite, yet.
    I learnt a lot of new songs like junk food song to name one. (Because I forgot the others)

    From Archie

  5. Hi 4A,
    I’ve loved music this term.
    My favourite things we’ve done in music this term are celebrity heads, the junk food song and shark attack.
    I have piano lessons every fortnight on Thursdays. I also practice about four times a week.
    My favourite band is Coldplay.
    I love music and I wish we could do it every day.
    I can’t wait until we do drumming with Mr Robbo in term two.
    From Finn M.

  6. Hi miss Curtain,
    I really liked the videos that you posted
    I think they where really funny and also I loved the
    Boom chicka boom song I’m looking forward to doing druming
    With Mr Robbo I also liked the shark attack song the junk food
    Song and the inanay also apples and bananas count on me and
    On top of spaghetti and I can’t wait until drumming
    What was your favourite song at music?
    From Will

  7. To Miss Curtian,
    I enjoyed the junk food song because there were three parts and we got to rotate. I learnt that the rhythm stick only go up to g and then they go down. I learnt the rhythm sticks. My favourite singer is totally Taylor Swift.

    From Charlotte

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