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Earth Hour

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Tomorrow – 28th March –from 8.30pm to 9.30pm is Earth Hour!

Our school held our own Earth Hour between 11.30am and 12.30pm today so that we could recognise and participate in this fantastic event. Earth Hour is designed to raise awareness about caring for our environment and the positive difference we can make by using less power.

During Earth Hour we switched off lights and electronic devices and utilised our natural resources.

Earth Hour is a brilliant Australian initiative that now has the support of people all over the world.

The Earth Hour website has lots of information about how you can get involved in Earth Hour.


There is also an information clip that you might like to watch about the damage global warming has on The Great Barrier Reef.


 What positive things do you and your family do for the environment?

What did you learn from the Earth Hour website and Great Barrier Reef information clip?

What other initiatives could our school take up to help the environment?

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  1. To Miss Curtian,
    My family turns all the lights and electronics of. That the old electric phones can do a lot of damage. We could turn all the iPads and laptops of.
    From Charlotte.

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