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The students of 4A are very excited to be back at school for Term 2 and have enjoyed catching up on each other’s holiday stories.


This week we are focussing on:

  • Reading – inferential comprehension
  • Writing – learning how to construct a good fictional narrative story
  • Maths – mental strategies to solve division problems.

We are also starting to play chess and working on our persistence skills with a variety of tasks – such as Target word challenges, mental maths quizzes and Sudokus.

We have a lot to look forward to during our busy eleven week term, including:

  • A new history-based inquiry topic
  • Fictional narratives and information reports in writing
  • Focussing on important reading strategies, including inferring, evaluating, reorganising text and questioning
  • Improving our mathematical knowledge in division, fractions, decimals, money and more
  • An exciting excursion to Melbourne
  • The district Cross Country for selected students
  • Student/Parent/Teacher interviews at the end of the term.

What did you enjoy about your holidays?

What are you looking forward to in Term Two?

Have you set yourself a learning goal for the term?


  1. Hi ms curtian did you have a good holday I know I did.we went surfing and I did my first cut back. I am glad that I am back at school because i going to have a big fun Tem 2 hope have a good time bye

  2. Hi everyone,
    Welcome back to term 2!
    I did lots of things on the holidays like :
    Supa Tramp
    Going to my Nana’s for Easter
    Going to the movies and seeing: Home, Cinderella and more
    And lots more !
    my goals are to improve in getting my division getting faster at giving the answers and same with times tables.
    I really liked school photos yesterday what about you ?

  3. To Miss Curtian,
    On the holidays I went to princetown with Alby, Finn and Ava. We went jumping of the bridge. It was really high. We also went to the portcampell jetty and swam all the way to the bridge.

    I am looking forward to doing our own books and making up characters and the setting. I also want to work on my division.

    I think division is a good goal for me because I need to improve a lot.
    From Charlotte

  4. Hi Miss curtain and 4A
    On the holidays I went to the rip curl pro. I got up at 6am because I really wanted to watch Kelly Slater surf his 1st heat for round three. I was really exited to so all the surfing and I’m sure anyone else that went had an awesome time alswell.
    The best part was when I went down to the beach and got some signatures. I got Owen wrights sighniture and Adam Mallings aswel. I went with my Dad,Poppa and my Uncle we all had an amazing time.

  5. Dear 4a,
    On the holidays I went to lots of the things on.
    First I love seeing cute little koalas and a parrot
    Jumped up on my Pam and scratch me like a big line on my hand.

    Second I went to watch sponge bob ,sponge out of water.
    I think it is the worst movie.but that’s my opinion.

    Q.what’s your opinion if you have seen it ?

    From Lottie

  6. Hi 4A

    It has been a good first week back. My favourite this this week has been learning what inferring is. I also liked doing division with string and blocks today.
    My holidays were good. They went really quickly. I went to supertramp. Charlie had a sleep over. We went on my mums paddle board and our canoe in the river and tried to balance a chair on the paddle board but we fell in. It was very funny.

    My learning goal this term is to get better at division and writing. I want to listen more so I can learn more.

    I’m looking forward to going to woorabinda this term.

    Bye from Joseph

  7. Hi 4A,
    On the holidays I loved when we went to Aire River.
    We went to the beach and the waves were about six foot high. The waves were extremely rough. We stayed there for four nights over the Easter weekend.

    I also loved doing a tennis tournament in Colac and I came second.
    I’m was so cold I got out of the car my fingers went numb. I won 6-2, 2-6 and 6-0.

    This term I can’t wait to learn more about first contacts, I can’t wait till we go to IMAX and Melbourne Museum.

    My goals are to get better at inferences, to get better at my division strategies and using more vocabulary in my writing.

    What did you enjoy about the holidays?
    From Finn M.

    • Hi Finn
      I enjoyed pretty much everything I especially loved when we got all the Easter eggs from the Easter Bunny.
      My goals for this term are learning how to use higher division, learning how to use and spell more words and how to run longer distances. I also am really eager to write our narratives I’ve got a great idea in my head.
      I would love to read your narrative because there always amazing.
      From Joe

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