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This week our grade has been learning about ANZAC Day. ANZAC Day marks the anniversary of the first major military action by the combined Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. Every year on the 25th April we honour and remember all the men and women (and animals) who have participated in wars or conflicts, as well as those who are still serving in the Defence Forces today.

Today our school is commemorating 100 years since the landing at Gallipoli with a special assembly. Our grade 5 students have done a fantastic job of organising this special event.

We have utilised many resources as part of our learning, including Behind The News segments and picture story books that we have read in library.

These are two of the Behind The News segments that we watched:



These are some of the stories that Ms Browne has shared with us in library.

Anzac Ted by Belinda Landsberry


Roly The Anzac Donkey by Glyn Harper and Jenny Cooper


Meet The Anzacs by Claire Saxby and Max Berry


Anzac Biscuits by Phil Cummings and Owen Swan


The Last Anzac by Gordon Winch and Harriet Bailey


Do Not Forget Australia By Sally Murphy and Sonia Kretschmar


My Grandad Marches On Anzac Day by Catriona Hoy and Benjamin Johnson


The Anzac Puppy by Peter Millett and Trish Bowles


Below are some poems that our talented Grade 5 students (who are organising our special assembly) wrote about ANZAC Day and poppies.

We celebrate this day,

In every possible way,

And because of our,

ANZACs we are here today,

They fought for OUR freedom,

Brave and rough, under constant attack,

Aussie mateship shone through,

The ultimate sacrifice for me and you,

I’d like to thank all diggers,,

Past and present,

Long live the ANZAC spirit.

By Molly


THEY REPRESENT 10,000 men,

Lying underneath the dark sandy ground,

Spread all around with a proud smiles on their bright red petals,

Representing those who fought and those who stood up to save their country,

They can whisper all the long-lost voices from the forgotten fields of war that lie at the bottom of a soldier’s heart.

By Anna



The colour of the battle fields where the men fought for our freedom,


The flower we wear to remember,


Where it all started,

Wear the poppy with pride,

It also made France thrive,

Lest we forget.

By Nell
In Flanders fields the poppies grow.

Between the crosses, down below,

Cherished ANZACS rest in peace.

As fellow soldiers quickly decrease.

Today we stand here, remembering them,

Tomorrow we stand there, holding the stem.

The stem of the poppy, red against the sky

Tied in bunches, saying goodbye.

The only flower that grows in battles,

While gunfire happens the earth rattles.

The only flower that makes peace,

For brave hearts motionless underneath.

Lest We Forget

By Ella & Bebe


As we watch,

Those beautiful poppies shine,

Around those warriors wounded,

And passed,

As we commemorate the soldiers,

I stop and visualise the poppies on the battlefield,

Giving hope to those that went to war

And fought for our country,

They make us who we are now and forever.

By Emily


I saw a poppy when I was walking along,

One day,

It reminded me of the ANZACs,

That day,

The ANZACs fought for Australia 100 years ago,


I remember the ANZACs with poppies.

By Sam


As those poppies stand silent

And the years pass by

The flower returns year after year remembering

Red standing for courage and vravery

Black standing for death

Green standing for the life and spirit

Those soldiers we will never forget

Those soldiers who rought for us and our country

Those soldiers who were our fathers, our brothers, our uncles, our sons.

By Tilly


Poppies in the meadow

Standing nice and tall

Many soldiers fell young and old

At the wake of dawn and of the rising sun

We will remember them

Poppies fill the meadows

You wear me on ANZAC day

We stand for the soldiers that fought for us

They protected our country

In our hearts they will always stay.

By Sienna


The soft red petels,

The big black dot,

Remind us of those who fought

And if it weren’t for them

We wouldn’t have what we’ve got

We remember them from day to day

And when they come to mind

Those many brave ones

Who faught many battles and found

Themselves in a bind

We use that flower

That small red poppy

To remember

To remember them

By Hero


I stare into the field.

The blank field.


Except for one poppy.

One special poppy.

A poppy to remember,

A poppy to thank.

A poppy more powerful then any.

An ANZAC poppy.

By Ané


100 years ago

The ANZACs went to war

They were only very young

It was awful what they saw

They left their families behind

To defend our country

We now live in a better place

Thanks to the ANZACs

My great grandfather was in world war 2

My grandfather was in the Vietnam war

It was scary what they had to do

Happy Anzac Day to you.

By Archie


Sometimes the best and most beautiful,

Things in the world cannot be seen or touched,

They can only be felt through the heart.

As I look down, I see a field of red poppies,

But why, why did the ANZACs go, not me?

I remember that every day I would look out,

And hope that I wouldn’t go.

Because I left, I wouldn’t get to say that I fought for Australia

Our freedom, for our rights.

By Emma


What did you learn about ANZAC day?

What ANZAC day picture story book was your favourite and why?


  1. This is a poem

    I looked at the flower lying on the ground,
    It was red like all the others around,
    The one I saw stanted out,
    Because it was one from 100 years ago,

    The soldiers boats would stay afloat,
    But when soldiers landed, they would drown,
    If they weren’t there we wouldn’t be here,
    So make sure you keep there spirits,

    Lest we forget
    By Joe

  2. To Miss Curtian,
    I learnt that the first post wacks up the soilders and the last post tells them that they can go to sleep.
    I liked Anzac ted because it had a good message and it was that something that is old holds a lot of spirt.
    From Charlotte

  3. Dear 4A and miss curtain

    Wow I loved the all the polems and books my I loved the book roly it was the best book I’ve ever heard I gave it a 10/10.

    My faveret polem was by hero great job hero 10/10

  4. To miss curtain ,
    I really enjoyed Anzac day.On that day
    i went to my nan and pops house and
    they told us about the Anzacs.That day
    me and my family shared some Anzac
    biscuits they were delicious.Also that
    day i found out that my great great pop
    was in the first world war and my great
    pop was in the world war 2.I find the stories
    really fascinating.What do you find interesting about Anzac day?

    From Lexie

  5. Hi 4A,
    I’ve real enjoyed studying ANZAC day. I learnt that the ANZACS landed on Gallipoli not knowing that they would have to climb up steep, rugged cliffs. I also didn’t know that the British planned to attack the Turks because they were on the Germans side so they planned a surprise attack at dawn. The ANZACS landed at a place now called Anzac Cove.
    My favourite picture story book we read is called Roly the Anzac Donkey because Roly carried the wounded to safety.
    From Finn M.

  6. Dear miss certain
    You are the best 4A teacher in the weld
    Your are the best

  7. Dear 4a

    I’ve never missed a dawn service in my life,every Anzac day I get up at dawn to go to a dawn service
    my grandmas dad and my grandpas dad were both in World War One
    My favourite Anzac book was roly the Anzac donkey because I loved the way it was told from the donkeys point of view
    Lest we forget

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