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Fun With Fractions



This week we started our unit of work on Fractions.

We started by brainstorming everything we knew about fractions and having a go at drawing and labeling as many different types of fractions as we could. During our first lesson we used playdough to make models of lots of different fractions. After this we used our fraction walls to create  true or false fraction quizzes.

We know that a fraction describes a part of a whole when the whole is divided into equal parts.

We know that a numerator is the number in a fraction above the line (vinculum) that tells us how many parts of the whole are being referred to and that the denominator is the number in a fraction below the line that tells us who many equal parts the whole has been divided into.

A vinculum is the horizontal line used to separate the numerator and denominator in a fraction.

We started to look at equivalent fractions – which are fractions that have the same value but look different.

Our homework task requires us to photograph examples of fractions in ‘real life’ and share with the grade next week.

What do you know about fractions that you didn’t know before this week?

What fraction knowledge can you share with others?

What real-life fractions have you found?

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  1. Dear Miss Curtain and 4A,
    I really liked the play dough activity, it was very fun!! It is something I would like to do again. I liked cutting the play dough into those fractions! the True or false fraction wall helped when I was doing the true or false cards.
    From Neisha

  2. Dear Miss curtain and class,
    I really loved doing the pizza fractions today on my pizza there was cheese, lettuce leaves, salami, mushroom, ice-cream and chocolate syrup. One of my fractions was one half of my pizza is desert pizza.
    I looked at some of the other peoples fraction pizzas and 4 or 5 had especially random toppings.
    See you later, From Joe.

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