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Last week we used our knowledge of fractions to create paper pizzas. Our task was to design a pizza that represented at least 5 different fractions. We needed to have a good understanding of numerators and denominators to complete this task and we were also required to utilise equivalent fractions.

DSC00281 DSC00282 DSC00283 DSC00284 DSC00285 DSC00286

We also used straws to make fraction counting strings. We practised counting by halves, thirds, quarters and eights and learnt about mixed numbers and improper fractions.

DSC00270 DSC00271 DSC00272 DSC00273 DSC00274 DSC00275

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  1. Wow! Looking at this makes me feel like eating some pizza! I certainly didn’t have 1/2 this much fun in maths at school 😉

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