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This term our Inquiry topic focuses on sustainability. The title of the unit is “Eco Warriors – Every individual matters, every action counts”. We have been researching a variety of environmental issues and will select one that interests us to become ‘experts’ about. Our unit of work on sustainability will conclude with an Eco-Exhibition at the end of term where we will showcase what we have learnt.

What does ‘sustainability’ mean?

Why is this an important topic to learn about?

What interesting discoveries have you made during your research?


Below are some of the many texts that we have examined during the research stage of our Inquiry topic.







  1. Dear miss Curtain and 4A,
    I really like our inquiry topic. I think it is great that sustainably is our inquiry topic, it’s really inpportant people start thinking about their actions about littering.
    From Neisha

  2. Hi 4A,
    My inquiry topic is stopping people from littering and the effect of it on the environment.

    Some of the facts I’ve learnt is that America throws out 100,000,000 tonnes of rubbish each year and everyone throws away their own weight in just seven weeks.
    My mascot is going to be a leopard but I don’t know what I’m going to name it.

    From Finn.

  3. Dear miss Curtain and 4A,
    I like our topic of sustainability. I think it’s really important people start thinking about what they’re doing to the environment. What is your topic? Mine is helping save marine life. It’s a fun thing to do to. I liked thinking up the ideas for my slogan. But I also liked sketching our mascots.
    From Neisha

    • Hi Neisha I like the topic of sustainability too. My topic is the same as yours saving marine life.my mascot is a sharks and his name is Bailey the shark,what is your mascot and mascots name?

      I hope you have fun making your mascot,
      From Abi.

    • Hi Neisha

      My inquiry topic is reducing food waste, I think your topic is great!
      Inquiry has been my highlight this term is awesome to do some hands on activities.
      I’ve found out some really interesting facts about my topic like,
      An average australian house hold throws out $8 billion dollars worth of food each year, that’s one in five shopping bags wasted.

      From Tara

  4. Hi 4A,
    My inquiry topic is to help save the Great Barrier Reef. I’ve loved researching lots of facts about the Great Barrier Reef. Some of the facts I’ve learnt are that the Great Barrier Reef is 344,400 square kilometres and over 2,000 kilometres long.

    Sustainability (Our Topic), means the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely.

    Sustainability is important because we need to reduce the amount of pollution that’s going into the air, to stop people littering and to make people more aware of how the world is getting effected.

    My mascots name is turquoise the turtle, my slogan is save the reef, you won’t feel the grief, my company name is Save The Great Barrier Reef and my persuasive text name is Halp The Great Barrier Reef.

    What is your issue for our inquiry topic?

    From Finn M.

  5. My topic is paper saving I’m doing a animation on paper saving and I might do a TV ad.
    My mascot is Paul the paper saving pig

  6. Hi 4A,

    I think sustainability is really important because our earth is getting more polluted every second.

    My topic is plastic bags and my mascot is Daisy the duck. Did you know that the amount of petroleum used to make one plastic bag could drive a car eleven metres?

    From Georgia

  7. Hi 4A

    My inquiry topic is worm farms did you know that in 2009 there was a type of worm (tube worm) that grew on turtles there were so heavy that the turtles could not move look up tube worms on turtles on Google. Did you know there is 6.000 TYPES OF WORMS that’s a lot.

    From Lenny

  8. Dear 4A,
    This week I was doing my sketches of my character his/her I haven’t worked out name is Toochie the tree planter, I’m also looking forward to do my paper mâché in art with Miss Pertersin, my Eco Warrior topic is plant and save more trees.
    From Will

  9. Hi 4A,
    My environment topic for this term is active travel.
    I have learnt heaps of facts and information that I have never heard of.
    Did you know that air pollution kills 3000 people a year.
    I really love learning about my topic.

    What would you to stop air pollution?


  10. It is important to learn about it because if we don’t help the environment the world we become a disgusting mess.

    That 97% of our water is salty water.

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