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Book Week


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Later this term we will be celebrating Book Week. The theme this year is ‘Books Light Up Our World’. Each week in library we are reading one of the shortlisted books for book of the year in our age group.

The books that are nominated for Picture Book Of The Year are:

Rivertime. Written by Trace Ball

One Minute’s Silence. Written by David Metzenthen and illustrated by Michael Camilleri.

The Stone Lion. Written by Margaret Wild and illustrated by Ritva Voutila.

My Two Blankets. Written by Irena Kobal and illustrated by Freya Blackwood.

The Duck And The Ducklings. Written by Glenda Millard and illustrated by Michael Stephen.

Fire. Written by Jackie French and illustrated by Bruce Whatley.


What shortlisted book have you enjoyed the most so far?

What is your all-time favourite picture story book?

What costume are you wearing for our Book Week Parade?

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  1. I love the books and I’ve heard 5/6 of them and I’m exited for the next one.
    I thank Miss brown for making this opportunity and I don’t think anyone would say the opposite because it has been really fun!

  2. Hi 4A,
    I can’t wait until Book Week. I’ve loved reading the shortlisted books. My favourite book would be The Stone Lion.

    My all time favourite picture story book would probably be The Day The Crayons Quit. I love this book because there’s lots of humour.

    I still cannot think of a costume.

    From Finn M.

  3. Hi miss curtain,

    I have really loved all the short listed books we have read this year, but I think the ones I liked best was the stone lion and the duck and the darklings ( even though it was a bit hard to follow and left me a bit confused).

    My all time favorite picture book would have to be the angel of kakoda, I’ve borrowed it lots from the library.
    I am going as either hermione granger from Harry Potter or Elizabeth Allen from naughtiness girl in the school.
    Does anyone have a favorite?

  4. Hi Miss Curtain,
    I can’t wait until the book parade because I love my costume and can’t wait to wear it.
    I love your costume and can’t wait to see you in it.
    My favourite book so far was the duck and the darklings because it was interesting language.
    From your Lottie.

  5. Dear miss curtain my favirte short list book is the stone lion my all time favirte picture story is I don’t no I like all of them I have no idea what I’m wearing for book week

  6. Hi 4A,
    The shortlisted book I have enjoyed the most was One Minutes Silence. I liked how the book told the story from a different point of view by telling the story from the Turkish soldiers side. Also my favourite picture book ever is Parachute a story about a young boy that overcame his fears.
    From Ella

  7. Hi 4A,
    My favourite book so far has been the stone lion because of its illustrations.
    I think I will like fire because I like a lot of Jackie French books.
    My favourite picture story book is The Wrong Book.
    I am still thinking about what my costume will be.
    From Finn

  8. Hi 4A!
    I can’t wait for book week!!. I love the parade I love dressing up and seeing what every one else wheres. I don’t know what I’m going to be but I bet yours would be better.

    From Lenny

  9. HI miss Curtain

    I can’t wait for for book week, because I want to see your costume. Today I liked the book in library because it came up with the ‘Grampapa’.
    I hope you have the best time at the snow ( go to skee school)
    From BEN

  10. Hi 4A,

    I’ve got a lot ideas about what I’m going to dress up as for book week parade, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be either Bilbo Baggins (the hobbit), Frodo Baggins (lord of the rings) or Gandalf (the hobbit and the lord of the rings).

    From Archie

  11. Hi 4a,
    For book week I am dressing up as either snoopy or little red riding hood. My all time favourite picture story book is “Spork”.
    From Eva.

  12. Dear Miss Curtain,
    I have been really exited about the book week parade, I’m not aloud to tell what Samuel and I are dressing up as, my favourite book that we have read this year for the vote was The Stone Lion I liked it because there was good pictures which looked really real and very good words choice,
    What has your favourite book that you’ve read this year in library?
    From Will

  13. Hi 4A,
    I’m so exited for the book week parade there is always ready COOL coustums there and I really want to buy book from the book fair I. I voted for the stone lion, what are you being for book week?

  14. dear mrs curtain and class,

    i have loved all the short listed books this year my favourite was the stone lion because i loved that he put up his own wish for someone else,and Jade’s was rivertime.I liked rivertime because it was really good to listen to and i had good connections to it.

    Maddies all time favourite is where is the green sheep and mine is splat the cat but our favourite chapter book is Ella and Olivia.

    Jade is going as Ella and olivia with kirra and Jade is Ella and Kirra is Olivia.Maddie is going as Matilda from the book matilda.

  15. Hi Misd curtain
    Thank you for letting me come in to your classroom
    You And miss jordan are the best teacher
    Fro you student next door Alex

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