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Maths Game Of The Week – Greedy Pig

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Have a go at playing our maths game of the week – Greedy Pig! Play with friends and family and let us know if you can think of any other variations on how this game could be played.


MG – Greedy Pig

One Comment

  1. Dear Miss Curtain,
    In my class (3/4c) we sometimes play greedy pig Miss Jordan gets dice on the screen ready to play well on the tables (each big joint table is a team) we go on notes on our iPads, every time the dice rolls you type it on your iPads. Before you start the game you need to choose a starting number, people can sit when they think they are in luck if no one else sits down in the next round then the last people or person who sits down they could still win, if your starting number was 6 and it rolled a six then the the last person pt people would have one the game. Once you have sat down you can not stand up again till the next round.

    From Jasmine

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