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Ms Browne’s Book Of The Week


This week Ms Browne started introducing us to the shortlisted books for Children’s Book Of The Year.

The first shortlisted book for us to read was Suri’s Wall by Lucy Estela and Matt Ottley.

“Magnificently illustrated and beautifully written, Suri’s Wall immerses the reader into an imaginative and empowering story with messages of hope, wonder and friendship. The intricate details of Matt Ottley’s illustrations not only provide the reader with many amusing scenes to observe, it also adds visual depth to Lucy Estela’s heartfelt story.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 6.14.33 pm

Some questions for people who have read the book:

What sort of life do you think Suri has?

Consider the use of colour on the page. What mood is created with this colour?

Do you think that the other children should be afraid of Suri just because she is tall?

What does it say about her that she makes the other children feel better even when they were so mean to her?

How might stories like the ones Suri tells help the children to deal with their situation?

Do you think Suri does the right thing or the wrong thing in making up stories about what she can see rather than telling the children the truth?

What did you think of this story? How did it make you feel?


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