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  1. Hi miss curtain i am having a lot of fun with farctions they are fun to use just like cutting toast I am loving it are you miss curtian.

  2. Hi miss curtian I am injoying the natives they are really good and have you miss curtian .
    Any wayi was having fun on key note it is a really fun app for doing your reflections on hope your injoying it

  3. Hi miss Curtain
    I can’t wait till book week it’s going to be great I hope it’s going to be just as great as last year. I can’t wait to see your costume. My favourite book was the duck and the darklings.
    It had crazy words and it had a good message.

  4. Dear miss curtain,
    I can’t wait for book week this term. I am going to ask my mum if I can dress up as the lorax. I can’t wait for the parade. I wonder if other people with dress up like the lorax too.
    From your mathamatical student Harvey.

  5. Hi Miss Curtain,
    I am enjoying the year and I’m really looking forward to camp. Last term the exhibition was so much fun. I have learnt so much about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

    From ZANE!!!!!!!!!!

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